Interesting Results

Whom does Posner cite?

Farnsworth116 cases
Prosser113 cases
Holmes113 cases
Cardozo56 cases
Scalia24 cases
Easterbrook34 cases
Nimmer16 cases
Areeda15 cases
Coase12 cases
Paul Goldstein5 cases
Sunstein6 cases
Calabresi7 cases

Cats or Dogs?

cats44 cases
dogs64 cases

Contracts or Torts?

contract864 cases
tort539 cases

Literary Sources

Hamlet12 cases
Kafka2 cases
Bleak House3 cases
Merchant of Venice1 case
King Lear1 case

Efficiency or Fairness

efficiency161 cases
fairness536 cases


Illinois1162 cases
Chicago887 cases
Indiana448 cases
Wisconsin394 cases
New York345 cases
California265 cases
Ohio253 cases
Texas154 cases
England103 cases
Madison80 cases
Indianapolis83 cases
Los Angeles66 cases
Canada59 cases
Mexico33 cases
France20 cases
Germany17 cases
China16 cases
Spain12 cases
India11 cases
Japan10 cases
Brazil8 cases
Russia6 cases

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